Saturday, April 18, 2015

This was a slide used by Lynn Beresford, a teacher and psychologist who spoke at the Learning Difficulties course that I went to with my colleague and friend Eilleen.  It could have a million and one captions from "Reports are due when!!!" to "I hate Mondays". The first thing I thought of was - this is how my mornings look before I get to school. 
A reminder for teachers that getting everyone in the house ready for school and work can be a huge task. So a friendly smile and greeting in the morning can help to make parents and children feel like cool, calm and collected cats again. 

I remember a teacher friend of mine telling me about a parent that she had an interview with once. The child's teacher was unable to attend the interview but had asked my friend to talk to the family about making more effort to bring the child's bookbag to school. My friend, not knowing the family, gently mentioned the bookbag question and found out that this child had an older brother who was autistic and went to a special needs school. He would go to school in a taxi but it could be a battle at times getting him ready. He was a big boy and quite a handful when upset.  For some reason he would often target his younger brother's book bag and it would get routinely thrown into puddles and out windows etc. The mother apologised and said they would try harder. My friend felt mortified and told the mother not to worry, we would keep a supply of bags for him if need be. 

Knowing the child and the family makes such a difference. 
Believe me, as the crazy cat would say,"Mornings can be hell!" 


  1. Andrea, what a fabulous reminder for us as educators. Raising children as a single mother had its fair share of challenges and I can totally relate to this post. I love the cat and know that feeling well. Keep these think alouds coming. They are truly fabulous.

  2. I totally agree about knowing the child - a good example Andrea.