Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our Blogging Parent Hui

I was fortunate to work on a presentation about Blogging with Waveney Bryant, Anna Spier and Sonya Van Schaijk. Fabulously talented educators at Newmarket Primary.  Sadly, bad weather put off a lot of parents but we still managed to have a lively, interactive presentation to staff. Good PD all round. I came away with lots of ideas. My next plan is to move from reading group modelling books to a digital alternative using Google Docs.


  1. Andrea, I am loving your reflections. Its like a live think aloud session. I particularly like how you are looking ahead and identifying your next steps.

  2. I got heaps from this presentation and I have been thinking about how to present the work the children are doing in Maori Enrichment so their whanau can see it. After seeing what you do with Te Ako Kowhai Blog I am thinking I can do something like yours.