Friday, November 13, 2015

A Child's View of Culture

My son's year group are doing a study about culture at the moment. Waveney Bryant - the lead teacher came up with some curly questions for them to work on as part of their homework. This is my son's response to the question - What are 10 things that could never be part of NZ culture. Great question Waveney.

10 things that could never be part of NZ culture
Because NZ’s would never put up with people being treated like that.
Because NZ is a country of peace and if everyone owns guns there is going to be a lot of killing.
3.Bull fighting
Because that is very cruel to the animals and people would be very shocked at how violent it is.
4.Capital Punishment
Because sometimes they make mistakes and innocent people get executed
5.No schools
Because even though school can be hard work, NZ has schools so that kids can get smart and grow up to do clever things.
6.One Religion that everyone has to belong to
Because in NZ people need to believe in their own religions and their own gods and we don’t mind about that.
7.Australian animals
Because they live in Australia.
8.Being told what to wear
Because people would get really annoyed and we
like to wear lots of different things.
9.Eating Guinea Pigs
Because they are pets in NZ and they are really cute and we have lots of other things we can eat.
10.One person in command
Because they go nuts and NZ people wouldn’t want to do what they said anyway.

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  1. Love your answers and more so the reasoning behind each answer. Well done Harry for putting so much thought into your answers! Miss B